23. September 2021 | 18:30

Book presentation: Marie-Theres Arnbom: “Die Villen vom Ausseerland”

Museum Dorotheergasse
© Amalthea Verlag
For over 150 years, the Ausseerland region has been an attractive hunting ground, as well as a setting for romantic affairs. The list of prominent summer guests and villa owners from Altaussee, Bad Aussee and Grundlsee reads like a Who’s Who of those days: aristocrats like the Hohenlohe, Czernin, Chlumetzky or Meran families, the writers Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Jakob Wassermann, the educational reformist Eugenie Schwarzwald, the industrialist Camillo Castiglioni, and many others. From 1938 onwards, the Nazi regime cast a pall over the glory of yesteryear: Jewish residents were dispossessed and persecuted, while National Socialists sought refuge in the “Alpine fortress” and hid valuable art treasures... With a great deal of sensitivity for human stories and fates, Marie-Theres Arnbom undertakes another exciting journey of discovery into the Salzkammergut region.
Marie-Theres Arnbom, Dr. phil., is a historian, author, curator and cultural manager. She publishes books and articles on contemporary and cultural-historical topics, which she also stages as a curator for museums, and writes playbills and articles for major concert promoters. In 2004, she founded the St. Gilgen Children’s Music Festival as an integral part of the Music Summer in Salzkammergut. Published by Amalthea Verlag, her most recent books include: “Die Villen von Bad Ischl” (2017), “Die Villen vom Attersee” (2018), “‘Ihre Dienste werden nicht mehr benötigt,’ Aus der Volksoper vertrieben – Künstlerschicksale 1938” (2018), “Die Villen vom Traunsee” (2019) and “Die Villen von Pötzleinsdorf” (2020).
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