Book presentation

Book presentation: Topsy Küppers “Nix wie Zores. Ein Buch zum Lächeln und Nachdenken”

Museum Dorotheergasse
On the occasion of her 90th birthday, the popular singer and actress Topsy Küppers tells stories from the world of artists and intellectuals. They are full of fine Jewish humor, which also takes the dramatic edge off the difficult matters, but not the depth. Totally by the way, the grand dame of clever entertainment reveals a home remedy from her grandmother, thanks to which she can continue to hurry from performance to performance at the wheel of her convertible.
Topsy Küppers headed the Freie Bühne Wieden theater in Vienna for 25 years. Star guests from Israel such as Shmuel Rodensky, Gideon Singer, Shmuel Atzmon and Geula Nuni ensured sold-out performances for weeks on end. The actress and author has made guest appearances with her programs from St. Petersburg to Tel Aviv.
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