Film presentation: Beate Thalberg “Das große Welttheater – Salzburg und seine Festspiele” (“The Great World Theater – Salzburg and Its Festival”)

Museum Dorotheergasse
100 years of the Salzburg Festival – a peek through the keyhole to the dramas evolving behind the stage at a special dinner at Leopoldskron Palace, to which Max Reinhardt invited the protagonists of Festival history. Fault lines, chances, as well as wasted opportunities are revealed. Ominously looming at the gates, antisemitism and National Socialism become the determining elements in the dispute over stagecraft.
Director Beate Thalberg reads the history of the Salzburg Festival as a family constellation and lets the voices clash at the palace tables in her film “Das große Welttheater.” The daring encounter the conformists. Played by Burgtheater actor Florian Teichmeister, Franz Swatosch, the historically documented servant of Max Reinhardt, observes the turn of events for the audience. And while people are laughing and arguing at the tables, black and white figures are slinking through the castle. The floor is double-bottomed and the questions are never simple. Because the history of the Salzburg Festival is one of the 20th Century – including all the tragedies.
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