Book presentation

Book presentation: Peter Stephan Jungk “Marktgeflüster”

Museum Dorotheergasse
© S. Fischer Verlage
At the Marché d’Aligre, a lively market of sensual pleasures and multicultural encounters near the Bastille in Paris, Peter Stephan Jungk found what he had been looking for all his life: a place where he feels secure and at home. Homesickness plagues him when he accepts a three-month visiting professorship in Ohio.
“Enfin!” On his return he is greeted like a prodigal son by Hamza, Min, Habib and other market traders – people without a homeland, from Algeria, China or Tunisia, who are as close to him as a family despite their divergent ideas about life. Their stories, hopes, longings and disappointments evoke memories of the state of homelessness that he thought he had overcome.
Peter Stephan Jungk is the author of novels, biographies and screenplays, translator of plays and director of documentaries. Most recently, S. Fischer Verlag published the life story of his great aunt (“Die Dunkelkammern der Edith Tudor-Hart”), a well-known photographer and spy for the Soviet Union during the Cold War.
Ambassador Wolfgang Petritsch will be conversing with the author.
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